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Cars and goods
from the USA
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We work on
The used and damaged car in the USA costs 50% cheaper than the one in Europe
Limited edition cars, cars with rare packaging. Will find, buy and deliver for you
A new car directly from a dealer in the USA costs 10% cheaper than in Europe
We own storage yards for car dismantling in the USA (New Jersey) and Germany (Chemnitz)
Wholesale and patron customers are offered discounts scheme
For those who appreciate old-time values we'll help to find, buy and get the car
Used and
damaged cars
Rare and
unusual cars
New cars
We provide wholesale business
Old-time cars
Cars for spare
Our office is located in Chemnitz, Germany.
Each deal is verified
by an agreement
More than 10 yaers of experience in delivering cars and other goods from
the USA
More than 5 000 loads
we have delivered
from the USA
Buy cars from the USA 30-50%
cheaper than in Europe
We care to find a car/vehicle, to buy it, to provide a deal with documents which are necessary; to deliver; to settle all the issues concerning the process of exporting
the car into your region
You want to deliver from
the USA other goods
that a car?
We work with any kind of technics or equipment (motorbikes, quadbikes, boats and barks, forklifts and the other)
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Goods than we have delivered
Photos of intact cars and
other technics
Photos of spare parts and damaged cars
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+49 1522 94 58580
09125 Chemnitz
Schneeberger str 5
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Do you provide a CarFax Vehicle
History Report?
Yes, we do. A CarFax Vehicle History Report costs 10$. If a treaty with the client was concluded, we provide a CarFax Vehicle History Report for free
What guarantees do you provide?
Our company works more than 10 years in the USA market and we've got successful partnership with dozent of companies.
1) We have developed dealer network that
successfuly has worked for several years.
2) Each deal is accompanied by an official agreement.
Why some items do not have detailed
information and photos?
Sellers in the auction have the option to sell the item directly on the auction yard or via the Internet. Many dealers expect to sell cars on the live trades on the yard and don't provide the auction with information that would be useful for Internet customers
How to calculate how much the
damaged car costs?
When calculating the cost of damaged cars one should
consider several factors:
1) The market price of an intact car with Salvage Title is usually 30% Less than the price of an intact car with blank documents. This is only a guidline though.
It all depends on the degree of damage, the look of a car, of its location.
2) The cost of repair: an experienced professional determines the degree of damage and the cost of repair in the USA by means analizing the photos. Numbers which you see on the page with description of the item not always reflect the real degree of damage and often are given too high.
3) During the pre-bidding for the item current bid is being formed for the car. Final cost of the item ries up to 30% of its initial rate.
4) Factors which increase the cost of the damaged vehicle from the US are:
not triggered airbags; mileage less than 70 000 miles and Clean Title
Of what the final cost of the
car consists?
Final cost of the item consists of:
1) vehicle purchase price;
2) auction fee when buying at the auction;
3) shipping cost to Germany;
4) custom clearance costs;
5) the price of our services
Whether to buy "flooded" car?
One should keep in mind that on insurance auctions the seller does not give any warranty and holds no responsibility, that's why it's important to figure out the
way the car was flooded:to the level of the thresholds
or to the roof, was water salty or fresh, where
flooding waterline is, etc.
A good purchase may result in a ridiculous price and dry cleaning only und unsuccesful may result in expensive repairs with replacement of all units, assemblies
and wiring. You decide!
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